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on can produce a pulling effect of 1:100. We haven鈥檛 conducted detailed demonstration of ▓this effect, but the technical progress needs that can be seen show a broad prospect. Deep space

exploration may play a driving role in the following aspects:▓ In science:  To create, perfect and deepen lunar science (lunar geology and lunar physics research)  To prom

ote comparative planetology ▓development  To conduct research on extraterrestrial space e

nvironment  To create planetary geodesy and cartography ᠐▓1; To promote remote sensing theory, methodolo

gy, engineering, practice and interplanetary remote sensing  To conduct deep

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research on terrestrial planets  To promote research on origin an▓d evolution of Earth-Moon-sun system  To e

xplore extraterrestrial life▓ In technical economy:  New concept launch vehicles  Remote data transmis▓sion and communication  New fields of automatic control and navig

ation  Unconv▓entional materials  Microwave/millimeter wave transmission and remote sensing  Trace and non-destructive analysis techniques ᠐▓1; Artificial in

telligence  Telescience  Bioengineering, etc.. The artist ▓concept of NASA lunar

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